This is Not an Artist’s Statement

I can make art out of anything. No, I can’t. I can see art in everything. Yes, I can. I can see make everything. I can see everything in art. I can nothing make out of art.


You can do anything you want but don’t ever. Write a poem about a poem. Write about writing about. Write a poem about anything. Write any poem a thing about writing. Everything. Ever.

I am an outside artist. I make art outside. I write outside. I make a poem about outside. I can do anything outside. I can do everything outside. I make a poem about an every thing y.

Art is not a puzzle. Art is not meant to be a puzzle. Art is not a nuzzle. A puzzle is not art. A puzzle is not a puzzel. Art is not. That. Goes There. Thou art.

Writing is not art. Writing is an art ot -a. Writing is a not art. Art is not writing. Not writing is art. Writing not is art. Is writing not art? Writing is not. Writing is. Writing art. Art writing. Righting. Writing is righting. Is?

You are not here. You are not there. Here is there. Here, there, is everywhere. You are everywhere. You are here. You are there. Here you art. Hear thou art. You can make anything out of everything. You can make everything. Everything is hear. Everything is thou art. And.

Art is just art. The word art. Writing the word art. Writing that. Writing thou art. Art is just that. That is art. That is not this. This is not. That. But you knew that! You knew that art. You is just art.

Poetry is not art. Poetry is not writing. Writing is not poetry. Not writing is poetry. No poetry is writing t. Writing is poetry not. Poetry is not writing. P art isn ot writ in g.

Wuzzup, Wuzzel? There is no p in the ond. W rit. W art. Wait. Wut?

I once told my brother that there was nothing new under the sun. He didn’t believe me. At the time, of course, I thought I was right. That he was wrong. Then I blew my brains out in a car. I tried to make the news today. Hoo boy. [sic]

There are thirty-nine dramatic situations. Thirty-nine seems high. There are (x) dramatic situations. This is one. Of them, this is one. This is of them. (x)

Drama is in thirty-nine situations. There are no problems, only situations. This is not a problem. This is not a situation. This is a situation. This is a situation. ist. This t. This is not that situation. This is a station in situ. This is situ nation. This is the birth of me to you. My gift. Your birth.

(I tried My birth. Your gift. But that didn’t sound any better.)

Psychodrama is not art. Psycho art is not drama. Drama is not psycho art. Drama psych is art. Drama art is psych. Sike!

A puzzel is not a rt. Puzzel is not meant to be a puzzle art. A puzzle is not art. Apart. A puzzle is not art. A puzzel is not a puzzle. Art is not. That. Goes There. Thou art.

I am an artist outside. I make outside art. I write art. I make a write about a poem about a rt. I can anything outside do. I can do out thing every side. I make everything ab out side a poem ab out art. Tart. Side.

You can want anything but don’t ever do. Art, a poem about a poem. Writing about written about. Write anything about a poem. Write every thing a poem about writing. Anything. Any.


I can’t make art out of everything. Yes, I can’t. I see art in anything. No, I can. I can make everything see. I can make everything in art. I can make anything in art. I can make nothing out of art. No thing. B.ut. Yo.u Kne.w tHaT


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