when Krishnamurti,
head of the Theosophical Order of the Star,
dissolved that organization he disavowed allegiance
to any nation, caste, religion or philosophy
and spent the rest of his life devoted to
the liberation of the individual from all cages and fears

Paramahansa Yogananda appointed no successors
to his ancient lineage declaring that
the age of the guru was past
destined to be replaced by a fellowship of spirit

religions have become violent again
because they are fighting their extinction,
they have become deficient structures of consciousness
and are being being supplanted by post-religious spirituality

We are moving beyond the cults of leaders and followers.
We are moving away from nation states towards a planetary culture.

in this new millennium
we are experiencing a cultural evolution
from institutional religion to a personal spirituality
in which the unique mind learns how to immerse itself
into the Universal mind through a process of meditation.

The evolution of consciousness isn’t a journey—
it’s a revelation, it’s a song, it’s a dance—
it’s an act of creation in which division and ignorance
are replaced with a unity of consciousness
in which all human beings are Gnostic individuals.

The manifestation of the Supermind is not a promise but a living fact
playing out every day in the right here and the right now.

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