smooth dog fish

the sea lion swimsin tiny circlesof apathetic andunknowable rageresignationagainst the smooth fluorescentswimming pool blueconcreteor is it cementi can never rememberthe fish dog flipsflippantlyflippingwhiskers uphuffs … Read more

first love

i need a reason to livei told her that shecould live to be that she said no nono i can’t bethat is too much … Read more

your woke sky

This poem is from the “Psychopathological Objects” series, in which the words of politicians are expropriated into poems. In some cases the the words … Read more

odd lines response

the horned goddess Pan, aka Wendy,set loose upon the worlda murder of proseto feed upon the unsung notesof operator assistedunsolicited saxophone callsspam is just … Read more

99 Bottles of Tears on the Wall

I’ve been struggling with this, meaning this. What you’re reading. What you haven’t been reading for the last couple weeks. I’m struggling, personally, and … Read more

Lost in Space (with you)

I’m suspicious of anyone who smiles or laughs too much. Define too much. You know it when you see it. Especially the nervous laughter … Read more


Religion is nothing but institutionalized mysticism. The catch is, mysticism does not lend itself to institutionalization. The moment we attempt to organize mysticism, we … Read more

Design as Snobbery

My experience as a graphic designer is long, not deep. I’ve been designing part-time for more than twenty years but sporadically and not to … Read more

Running Into Myself

“Wow! This place is huge! This is gonna be great.” He’s in a onesie. It covers his feet with soft fabric. His excitement propels … Read more