About Eric Jennings

I’m a writer and photographer living in Oakland, CA. This is my personal blog.

My writing is a mix of poetry and memoir but I also write essays, scripts, and some stuff that is unclassifiable. Hence the creative categorization that you see. Much of my writing is informed by my experiences as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

I have three yoga certifications: Bikram Yoga, Tony Sanchez Yoga Academy, and Ghosh Yoga Calcutta. From 2002 to 2018, I owned, managed, and taught at a hot yoga studio, Still  Hot Yoga, in Atlanta, GA.

My early career was in theatre, having worked as a lighting designer, technical director, and performer. I began acting as a teenager with The Woods Hole Community Theatre and my professional career included stints with The San Francisco Mime Troupe, Seven Stages, and CORE Dance, among many others.

More . . .

I write to communicate. I write to release pressure. I write because it’s fun. My personal essays are mostly written from the perspective of a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. My poetry is free verse and often experimental. I have been writing since the age of thirteen but I have not saved much of it. I have a regretful habit of throwing things away.

My Books

I’ve self-published two books of poetry, a couple chapbooks, and a couple photo books. I am working on a book about my childhood. More specifically, it is about a violent sexual assault that happened to me at age ten, as well as emotional and sexual abuse in my childhood home. These early experiences resulted in years of struggle with mental illness, which were compounded by my refusal to admit to myself what I had endured. It was only by breaking a forty year silence and telling my story that I was able to heal and recover.

Photography & Visual Art

I was an avid photographer from my teens through my twenties and then gave it up completely. I fell back into it when my phones started including very sophisticated camera software. That led me to digital photo manipulation, which then led me to digital painting, which rekindled my interest in film photography. I shoot on a few different cameras including a vintage Diana (held together with electrical tape) and a Nikon FM2, which is what I used back in the day.

Bear With Me

I’ve started and deleted many iterations of this site. Mostly, that’s been a compulsion but it’s also because there’s too much tension between my desire for, and lack of ability to envision, a cohesive organization scheme for my work. My shit’s just too all over the place and I can’t figure out how to present it.

So, this is just me making it up as I go along.

What’s Coming?

  • samples’s of my art
  • free PDF’s of my books
  • the ability to buy my books and art
  • more personal essays
  • links writing that I have published somewhere other than in my own books
  • links to my other online presence’s (the ‘go away’ menu above is a start)
  • ?