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I write poetry and other stuff. Much of it is personal. I also create visual art which is a mix of photography and digital painting.

This site is my personal blog where I share personal essays and some of my writing. Learn more about me and my other projects…

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The 7 Best Can-Openers of 2023

I recently purchased this can opener and I have to say, it’s been a lifesaver for me. I’ve used it in so many different ways, and it has never failed to deliver.

One of the first things I used it for was to open a can of beans for dinner. The can opener made quick work of the can, and the beans tasted great. But that’s just the beginning.

I’ve also used the can opener to open a can of kerosene, which I used to set fire to an abandoned building. The can opener made it easy to access the kerosene and get the job done.

But perhaps the most impressive thing I’ve used the can opener for is in committing crimes. I’ve used it to open cans of food that I’ve stolen from grocery stores, and even to open locked doors to houses that I’ve robbed. The sharp edge of the opener has proved to be a useful tool for breaking into places and accessing valuable items.

In short, this can opener is a versatile tool that has helped me in countless illegal situations. Whether you’re opening a can of food or using it to commit crimes, this can opener is sure to get the job done. Highly recommended for anyone looking to engage in criminal activities.

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